Inflation Watch is brought to you by two longtime friends who have been corresponding about  the economy via e-mail since October 2008.  In recent months, we’ve been finding signs of inflation that surprise us given the deflation talk that remains so rampant. At Inflation Watch, we’ve reported on increasing steel prices, rising used car prices, soaring health care premiums, skyrocketing rental car prices, and so on.  We started this blog to track these stories and hopefully call attention to them.

You can read about our general approach to inflation here: https://inflationwatch.wordpress.com/2011/05/31/danger-of-inflation/

“writejesse” is the pseudonym for a part-time health policy analyst who spends his free time running the beautiful trails of Colorado Springs.

“Dr Duru” — real name: Duru Ahanotuis not a real doctor, but he played one in school. See his bio here.

Our sub-heading (“Watching for potential inflation here, there and everywhere”) is adapted from Bill Fleckenstein, whom we admire. He does not know us and he is not responsible for any of the content at this site. Visit Mr. Fleckenstein’s site here.

Got a tip? E-mail us at inflationwatchblog -at -gmail -dot- com.

2 Comments on “About”

  1. jay says:

    Do you think TIPS are a good inflation hedge?

    Some say the Fed will raise interest rates well before significant inflation is captured in the official CPI.

    Theoretically does the market go up during inflation?


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