GE warns higher rare earth prices may impact pricing for lighting products

First Seagate warned that higher rare earth prices are squeezing margins on hard disks. Now, General Electric (GE) has added its own warnings about the soaring prices of rare earth elements (REEs).

In a briefing paper written to explain the situation, GE warns:

“We will do our best to manage these costs where we can, but rises on a similar scale to those seen in recent months will mean further significant price adjustments may be unavoidable.”

The brief paper provides a very general summary of the current rare earth market and describes GE’s current attempts to reduce the impact of high rare earth prices. I now strongly suspect that more and more industrial companies and manufacturers will flag rare earth prices as a potential and/or growing issue. Moreover, these warnings will keep rare earth prices in the foreground of the market’s “thinking” and potentially keep pushing rare earth stocks higher.

Disclosure: author is long several rare earth stocks, including MCP. Also long GE


2 Comments on “GE warns higher rare earth prices may impact pricing for lighting products”

  1. Anonymous says:

    If the government and the EPA would work with the miners there would not be a shortage on any mineral or metal that is needed to keep this country self sufficent. The UNITED STATES has an abundant wealth in metals and minerals. You want to see this Great Country rise above its money problems, then lets make use of the natural resources. Why have so many companies moved out of this country? I think most of the people know why.

  2. […] of Rare Earth Industry“, the NY Times builds from a General Electric FAQ on rare earths (covered here) to describe the spreading impact of high rare earth prices. In addition to compact fluorescent […]

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