Freight prices rising; Sen. Rockefeller says Congress must intervene

To the chagrin of West Virginia Sen. Jay Rockefeller, rising freight costs are a reality:

  • Nike Chief Executive Mark Parker said yesterday that  “rising freight, labor and oil costs are likely to add pressure to future results.”
  • Levi Strauss & Co. said earlier this week that it is raising prices on some products to cover rising costs “for raw materials such as cotton as well as for labour and freight.”
  • Across the pond, Associated British Foods said earlier this month that “high cotton prices and freight costs will put pressure on profit margins next year.”
  • Back in the U.S., ethanol producers are warning of higher shipping costs too: “Going forward, exports will be affected by an increase in shipping rates[.]  Container rates are expected to increase Oct. 1 by $300-400 per container. Rail rates will take an annual new crop increase, and physical rail cars themselves are tight and expensive.”

(Emphasis added.)

I’ll leave it to Inflation Watch readers to decide whether Congress should regulate railroad freight prices, as Sen. Rockefeller proposes.


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