What is copper telling us?

After a correction earlier this year, copper has rallied and is now approaching its 52-week high. It appears that fears about a slowdown in the global economy have receded.

Copper approaches its 52-week high


2 Comments on “What is copper telling us?”

  1. Dr. Duru says:

    Don’t forget about impact of the Chile earthquake. Just today, another tremor sent copper futures spiking higher another 1.2%.

  2. Sell Gold says:

    Copper is the largest alloy in karat gold, and the demand for physical gold today is screaming- greater than it has ever been. It’s hard to see this by looking at price charts for gold because the prices are convoluted by banks and institutions who sell gold in paper form. It is also widely believed that some of the institutions who are pushing out this “paper gold” are doing so at the direction of the government, and that they are being “reimbursed” to sell the paper gold at a discount to push down the price of gold, which props up the US Dollar. While this may sound like a conspiracy theory, who would ever know, since they absolutely, no matter what, even though a large band of bi-partisan congressmen have banded together with one voice… they just will not allow an audit of the Federal Reserve Bank…. Wonder why that is?!

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