Price of personal computers to rise for first time in six years

Financial Times reporter Robin Kwong says that PC prices will increase this year due to shortages of semiconductors and other components:

The cost of assembling personal computers will rise this year for the first time in six years because of shortages in some key components, industry analysts have forecast.

The cost of semiconductor components in computers has fallen by an average of 7.8 per cent a year since 2000, but is set to rise 2.8 per cent this year, according to data from Gartner, the research consultancy.

This is almost entirely attributable to a 23 per cent increase in the price of D-Ram memory chips . Those chips, which are needed in every computer, make up about 10 per cent of a PC’s overall cost.

“In general, there is a steady drop in the cost of a PC every year. If component prices are flat or even increasing, that means they are outperforming expectations,” said Ben Lee, principal research analyst.

The cost of flat-screen monitors was expected to increase by about 20 per cent this year because of shortages, Mr Lee said.

Other components in short supply include hard drives and optical disc drives.

The shortages are part of the aftermath of the financial crisis, which led many manufacturers of technological components to delay investment plans.


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