Fannie Mae to rent foreclosed homes back to borrowers

And you thought all those Fannie Mae foreclosures were just about to hit the market. Silly you:

Fannie Mae plans to allow homeowners facing foreclosure to stay in their homes and rent them for up to one year as part of the latest effort to help troubled borrowers while keeping a glut of foreclosed properties from hitting the housing market.

The Deed for Lease Program, which Fannie plans to roll out on Thursday, will offer borrowers who fail to complete or don’t qualify for a loan modification or other workout to deed their property to the lender in exchange for a lease. Borrowers-turned-tenants will be able to sign leases of up to 12 months and will pay market rents, which in most cases are lower than the cost of mortgage payments.

Exit question: Will other financial institutions be allowed to follow in Fannie’s footsteps?


One Comment on “Fannie Mae to rent foreclosed homes back to borrowers”

  1. Dr. Duru says:

    The sad irony here is that these homeowners probably should have remained renters in the first place….except overly generous govt incentives and/or over-zealous lenders fooled these people into thinking they really could afford these homes.

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