Airlines hike fares… and no end in sight for annoying fees

Reuters reports that major airlines  are raising their fares this week:

An industrywide increase of domestic air fares appears well on its way of becoming the fourth hike of 2009, a top fare analyst said on Wednesday.  The fare increase, initiated on Tuesday by AMR Corp’s American Airlines, represents a boost in round-trip ticket prices by as much as $16 for an unusually large number of U.S. city pairs, said Rick Seaney, Chief Executive of The increase saw matches from Continental Airlines, Southwest Airlines , Delta Air Lines, UAL Corp’s United Airlines and US Airways Group, Seaney said in a research note.

This fare hike comes on the heels of all kinds of annoying new fees and surcharges. Travel columnist Ed Perkins of the Chicago Tribune notes:

The latest outrage to hit the travel headlines is from British Airways: fees for seat assignments more than 24 hours in advance of departure…. By now you’re accustomed to paying extra on most lines for meals, snacks, and even soft drinks; for checked baggage, for pillows and blankets, to make a reservation by phone, for a paper ticket, and more…. Can airlines charge us for anything else? The head of Ryanair was quoted last year about considering charging for the use of the onboard lavatory, but even the top Ryanair-watchers aren’t sure whether he was serious.


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